he's my best friend in the whole world
Hi I'm Laura and I have a lot of feelings and sometimes I write about them.
Things you will always find on my blog include harmione, matt and karen and my two RP blogs for them, crying about doctor who, crying about harry potter, and some more harmione (but no ron hate).
I also talk a lot about books and films, usually Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, and Les Miserables.
Current obsessions also include the Avengers, impatiently waiting for The Great Gatsby, and the Lizzie Bennet Diaries.
there’s this shameless bitch who feeds my pain and also my need for gifd of idiots in boybands
lastofthetimeladies who i don’t feel i know well enough to insult but she’s awesome and makes good things woo
rach aka a good and nice person who makes pretty edits now and also reblogs enough matt smith for my dash to never be devoid of matt smith
shannen who feeds on my tears and who will take a headcanon or parallel or song choice and make a video of it and DESTROY YOUR HAPPINESS
mattandkaz…need i say more? just mattandkaz. i love you, lovely blog and lovely girls and yes awww mattandkaz
tbh bailey if you weren’t on here i’d be pretty surprised because you post all of my interests and i reblog them so yes
rachelkiley who again i feel awkward insulting but who posts interesting things about writing for TLBD and TLB and who sometimes collapses into doctor who-related piles of emotions 
matt to my kazza. end of story. otp
elsinore-better than you even when i think what i’ve written deserves to be flushed away-rose


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